Magnificent palace, all furnishing, 5th Settlement. New Cairo P-1GGC2SCP


For sale a luxurious mansion with furniture in the first settlement, Al Nakheel Compound

  • The land area is 1500 square meters, building area 50%. Total buildings 2916 meters.
  • Engineering loading with the flat slab system, meaning the possibility of completely re-designing the interior by removing all walls and re-dividing.
  • Finishing super ultra lux.
  • Build date 2013.
  • The palace is completely made of artificial stone, resistant to natural factors and color change. The wall surrounding the palace is completely covered, internally and externally, with natural stone.
  • All papers, registrations and licenses fulfilled.
  • Backyard garden 450 square meters planted with more than 10 types of fruit trees

It consists of 2 villas that can be merged, with a total area of ​​​​the first floor 750 square meters

  • The second floor is 810 square meters.
  • Two apartments above the two villas, with a total area of ​​810 square meters.
  • Penthouse with roof space of 175 square meters.
  • The rest of the roof area is about 635 meters, including a bathroom and a kitchen to serve the roof area.
  • A party hall of 220 square meters with all its services
  • All internal and external doors, Arrow Mastiff, are imported.
  • Imported marble floors.
  • Heat and sound insulator.
  • A wireless camera system consisting of 19 cameras to secure all parts of the palace and monitor it when it is not present.
  • A full suite for servants with all its services, including bedrooms, bathrooms and a reception hall.
  • A garage that accommodates 10 cars, fully coated with anti-slip materials for tires, and an electric vertical door armored with remote control.
  • High pressure electric panels with seven electronic card counters.
  • Internal 24-line central, 4 landlines, central internet.
  • Central shower.
  • Internal elevator Hans German from the garage to the roof.
  • A back corridor for the palace, on both sides of which there are private gardens planted, and up to the private door to the garden.
  • Houses for dogs on both sides of the palace ceramic.
  • Automatic irrigation network.
  • A large suite attached to the garage with all its services.

The asking price is 80 million +2% office commission

First Settlement
Property type
Houses and villas
750,00 m2
Additional features
fully furnished
garden view
green area
private roof
second hand - good condition
street lighting
sweet water
Attention, please! The price of this object is valid in the moment of publication. Depending on circumstances it can be changed to more or less expensive in the future..
*For privacy reasons, we do not share the exact location. The facility is located somewhere in the area.